Course Safety

Safety is our number one concern, which is why White River Zip Lines has decided to set the gold standard for zip line course construction and management in the Central Indiana area:

Safety First
  • The course was fully designed by a licensed engineer to adhere to all industry standards for maximum loads and forces
  • The course was constructed by a highly experienced zip line fabricator (ABEE Inc.) meeting or exceeding industry standard construction
  • Specially designed construction materials specific to the zip line industry were used in the fabrication of the zip line course to ensure the highest quality possible
  • Each of our guides receive a rigorous, ACCT derived training program to fully prepare them for any scenario they may encounter
  • Daily inspections of both aerial and ground elements take place before a single customer takes flight
  • Full body harnesses and climbing helmets are provided to each participant. These are the same harnesses used by utility workers for industrial fall protection and are each rated to hold several thousand pounds. Each customer is personally fitted by our expert guides to ensure a snug, safe fit

Trust White River Zip Lines for a safe, exciting day of zip lining fun!

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