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White River Zip Lines is set on over 100 acres of beautiful Indiana woodlands. The course itself contains over a mile of zip lines, ending with a MEGA Dual Racing Zip!

Zip lines use the magic of gravity to do all of the work. You’ll be equipped with a specially-designed full body harness as you reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour!

Take advantage of the amazing views afforded by each of our 10 towers, set amongst a canopy of maple and oak trees.

Our course is open every Friday through Sunday! Reserve your First Class Flight now by calling 317-489-3732 or booking online below!
(Monday through Thursday by reservation only - Call 317-489-3732 for details)

Walk-Ups Welcome Saturdays and Sundays!

Pro-Tip: Call ahead to avoid long lines!






Full Course Zip Lines Flight:

  • Full Course Only - $59 per rider!

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Full Course Zip Lines Flight Includes:

Tower 1 through Tower 10, plus the final MEGA Dual Racing Zip, as shown above.

Times vary depending on group size, but most groups experience 2.5 to 3 hours of zip lining fun.

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Here’s what you’ll experience during your First Class Zip Line Flight:


Tower 1 and Zip LinersReceive a personal equipment fitting from one our expert guides as you prepare for your zip line adventure. Then board our Extreme Utility Vehicle for a short drive to ground school.

Ground School

Learn the basics of zip lining as your guides demonstrate the skills you’ll need to ride the zip lines like a pro. Then hop on our ground school Mini-Zip to round out your ground school training.

Tower 1 to 2

Climb to the top of the first tower (the 2nd tallest on the course), enjoying the scenery as you climb ever higher. Take a short zip to the second tower as you get your first “zip experience”.

Tower 2 to 3

Increase your confidence as you zip line farther and faster at over 65 feet off the forest floor.

Tower 3 to 4

Bridge 2Now the fun really begins! At nearly 500 feet long, you’ll reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour on this zip line. It also has an added Dual Racing Line if you’re up for challenging your friends (or foes) to a little speed challenge. End this zip with a 20 foot spiral staircase to the top of Tower 4.

Tower 4 to 5

Pick up a little extra speed as you change direction and head east, with the wind to your back.

Tower 5 to 6

Practice your balancing act as you traverse the first of the Sky Bridges.

Tower 6 to 7

Take advantage of our second Dual Racing Zip. With the wind to your back, you can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

Tower 7 to 8

This leisurely leg of your flight is set along the length of Sugar Fork Creek. Enjoy the view as you fly ever closer to the tranquil brook beneath you.

Tower 8 to 9

girl zip lining and wavingTake your time as you perfect your balancing act on our longest Sky Bridge. How long? Well over 200 feet!

Tower 9 to 10

Traverse the final Sky Bridge as you climb higher and higher on the way to the top of our tallest tower (over 80 feet).

Tower 10 to Platform 11

Now is the time to use all of your zip lining skills as you race down our final MEGA Dual Racing Zip, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour!


Hop back onto the Extreme Utility Vehicle for a short jaunt back to home base where your group’s photos will be waiting for you.

Times vary depending on group size, but plan on an average of 3 hours for your First Class Zip Line Flight 


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